[bp:GridViewTemplateColumn] How to filter

I have previously asked a related question about filtering on a GridViewTemplateColumn which has not been answered.

Due to a limitation on the GridView inline editing, I have to use a GridViewTemplateColumn instead of a GridViewCheckBoxColumn.

I have the following GridViewTemplateColumn:

<bp:GridViewTemplateColumn ColumnName="Active" AllowSorting="true" AllowFiltering HeaderCssClass="text-center" CssClass="text-center">
    <bp:CheckBox Checked="{value: _this.IsActive}" Enabled="{value: _parent2.IsEditing}"></bp:CheckBox>

I need to provide filtering on the Active column. I would like it to look similar to the filtering on a GridViewCheckBoxColumn, like this:

I have AllowFiltering on the templated column. However, this is what is rendered when filtering is enabled:

What is the best way to add filtering to a templated column?

I am using FilterPlacement="Popup".


It has been a week with no response. Can someone look at this and provide some guidance, please?

I should add that I will need to be able to do similar filtering on other GridViewTemplateColumns that are not checkbox columns as well.