GridView Filtering on GridViewTemplateColumn

Filtering is not available when using a GridViewTemplateColumn.

I was able to get a basic filter working with the method shown below. But it takes a lot of code to accomplish. Also, the output UI is not the same and I donโ€™t know how to provide any of the other filtering operators.


<bp:GridView DataSource="{value: DataSet}"
             Class-hide-filters={value: !_this.EnableFiltering}
        <bp:GridViewTextColumn Value="{value: Name}"
                               AllowFiltering />
    <bp:GridViewTemplateColumn HeaderText="Assigned Word" AllowFiltering>
            <bp:TextBox Text="{value: _root.AssignedWordFilter}"
                        Changed="{command: _root.OnAssignedWordFilterFilterChanged()}" />
        <span class="dotvvm-bp-primitive_text">{{value: AssignedWord}}</span>


public void OnAssignedWordFilterFilterChanged()
    FilterCondition filterCondition = null;

    // Check for an existing custom filter. if there is one, delete it
    foreach (var filter in EcxGrid.DataSet.FilteringOptions.FilterGroup.Filters.Cast<FilterCondition>())
        if (filter.FieldName.Equals("AssignedWord"))
            filterCondition = filter;
    if(filterCondition != null)

    // If there is a filter value, create and add the new filter
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(AssignedWordFilter))
        filterCondition = new FilterCondition()
            FieldDisplayName = "",
            FieldName = "AssignedWord", // Must match the name of the field in the GridView
            Operator = FilterOperatorType.Contains,
            Value = AssignedWordFilter



The output

What is the best way to add the same type of filtering, preferably with the same filtering options, as the default filtering?

The goal is to be able to filter the same as a GridViewTextColumn but also have additional formatting (no additional formatting added to the example above).