[bp:GridView] InlineEditMode for all rows?

The bp:GridView documentation shows how to use inline editing of a datagrid.

It says to set the InlineEditMode to “SingleRow” to enable editing mode. From what I can tell, it seems to only allow editing on a single row at a time.

Is there a way to enable edit mode for the whole table (or at least the active data page)?

I don’t there is a built-in way. However, as you don’t need to switch between edit/display mode, you can simply replace all columns with a bp:GridViewTemplateColumn with an editor (TextBox, …) in the template.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. My scenario is editable sometimes but not always. Hopefully I can have a column shown/hidden depending on the state of a property.

For the benefit of others:

I was able to get the entire column to be editable when needed as follows:

<bp:GridViewTemplateColumn ColumnName="Active" AllowSorting="true" AllowFiltering HeaderCssClass="text-center" CssClass="text-center">
    <bp:CheckBox Checked="{value: _this.IsActive}" Enabled="{value: _parent2.IsEditing}">

In the viewmodel I added the following property:

public bool IsEditing { get; private set; }

I have code in the viewmodel that controls the value of IsEditing and also that changes the UI based on the value (for example, showing/hiding buttons).