Visual Studio extension does not appear to be working with 17.8.7

The Visual Studio extension does not appear to be worked with version 17.8.7 which I updated to yesterday.

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I had my update to 17.8.7 scheduled earlier today so this came right on time. I’ve canceled it until further clarifications.

It is also not working with 17.9.0. Hopefully a fix is out soon.

Fix is in. Working with 17.9.0. Thank you!

Still v17.8.0 is shown at Release notes

Thanks for reporting this, the Release notes page is now updated.

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Unfortunately, Microsoft does not announce the exact release date in advance, so we are not able to prepare the release of an updated extension for the same day.

Usually, it takes us 1-2 days to notice the new VS update (we watch several Twitter accounts, so we should know immediately), rebuild the extension with the updated DLLs, fix possible issues (some APIs change in every update), and pass through all tests.

I always recommend waiting a couple of days before installing VS updates.

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Just a heads up that the extension is not working with 17.9.4

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We have just published the new version, 4.0.568.0, which should support it.

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Thanks Tomas! Confirmed working.

Yes, version 4.0.568 is working with VS 17.9.5. Sorry, my fault.