Unable to find package DotVVM.BusinessPack.AutoUI

release notes of Business pack 4.2 say:

  • New DotVVM.BusinessPack.Messaging package which provides a simple way to push notifications from the server into the page. See MessagingConnection for more info.
  • New DotVVM.BusinessPack.AutoUI package which extends Auto UI with Business Pack controls

I was able to find DotVVM.BusinessPack.Messaging package in Dotvvm nuget feed, but I canโ€™t find DotVVM.BusinessPack.AutoUI. Is this a bug? My license is active.
I think, it would be nice to mention something about BP AutoUI in general documentation. It took me while to find information about BP Auto UI package in release notes. I can add it when this will be solved.


Thanks for the report. I found that we had an issue in the publish process and it was not visible on the DotVVM feed.
It should now be fixed.

Confirmed. Thanks a lot.