Rich Textbox \ HTML Editor

Has anyone successfully added a Rich Textbox \ HTML Editor to a DotVVM project recently. I have seen the CkEditor in the dotvvm-contrib repository but that uses an old deprecated version of CkEditor.
Typically in the past, in older webforms applications, I have used TinyMCE.

Just wondered if there are any plans to add one to the Business Pack or update the contrib with an up to date package


I’ve been using QuillJS.

No idea what people normally use, but we should definitely update the contrib CKEditor. It’s a very basic wrapper, so it should be easy to do (but it might not serve all needs if you need to customize it)

If you used TinyMCE as a JS library your webforms application, it should not be hard to make it work the same with dotvvm. Typically, a JS component might work out of the box, but there is usually trouble with state synchronization between DotVVM viewmodel and the component. DotVVM will not register a text change unless the component also triggers some “changed” event, and vice versa the component doesn’t know that the viewmodel property has changed (for example in a command), since DotVVM doesn’t trigger any events when it updates the textarea value.

We have some guide on how to create custom wrapper components: Adding interactivity using Knockout binding handlers | DotVVM Documentation But also feel free to ignore the “Avoid inline scripts in the page” advice if you just need the editor on one page. You can find the client side viewmodel either as knockout observables in dotvvm.viewModel.root.viewModel or as a plain object in dotvvm.state with event fired on each update (more info in Read & modify viewmodel from JS | DotVVM Documentation)