Migrate <asp:ImageButton control


What would be a recommended adaptation into DotVVM of the old <asp:ImageButton ?

I think this would do: Button | DotVVM Documentation

Where I’ll change <bp:Icon to a HTML <img.

Yes, exactly, just place an img tag inside the bp:Button, dot:Button or dot:LinkButton

<dot:Button ButtonTagName="button">
    <img src="~/some-image.png" alt="something" width...>

I’m not sure what ImageButton does, it could also just add an click event onto the img. That is possible with Events.Click={...}, but I’d generally recommend against it (buttons can also be triggered with tab-tab-enter). If you don’t want the button borders, they can be removed with CSS.

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Just for reference:

<asp:ImageButton renders in the html document as <input type="image" with the “onclick” attribute set to javascript:WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions(...)

Ok, then an exact equivalent would be <input type=image Events.Click={...}>