Meaning of BusinessPack.AllowAutoValidation

Can someone explain me what BusinessPack.AllowAutoValidation does on <bp:TextBox or other controls? I am not able to clarify from the SO post.


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It seems to me that it currently does nothing, it’s probably derelict. I think it used to just set the Validator.Value property to whatever was in TextBox.Text

EDIT: It sets the Validator.ValueProperty to whatever is in the Text property. How the validation behaves depend on the Validator.* properties

It hides the textbox in the UI for some reason.

Sorry, I don’t know where I looked, the post above is wrong. It does indeed set Validator.Value to the binding you have in TextProperty.

I suppose you have the Validator.HideWhenValid set somewhere above. The property inherits into all child nodes.

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Indeed I have this set to true in the root ModalDialog