Feature Request/Suggestion

What is the preferred/best way for us to make a feature request or suggestion?

I guess I may as well as add my suggestion here to prevent a needed 2nd post elsewhere.

It would be helpful if the dot:ContentPlaceHolder had some kind of comment property that displayed the value on the dot:Content control on the page at design time. I would envision this having no effect on the page content sent to browsers. I’m not sure the best way to accomplish that. Maybe a VS tooltip that appeared when the dot:Content control is hovered over after selecting the dot:ContentPlaceholderID.


This would allow page developers to see the purpose/description of any given placeholder without having to follow it back to the master page or look at other examples.

Hi! Sorry for a late reply, I’d say the best place for feature requests are github issues: Issues · riganti/dotvvm · GitHub. This forum is more for Q&A and discussion, I think we’ll forget about unless we implement it right away. I quite like this feature request, could you please create the issue on github?

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