Custom code control not recognized in markup

Not sure about this being a bug or not…

I took the TextRepeater custom code control from the samples and integrated in the project, to test how to go about creating code controls.

I’ve registered it:

And it works, it shows the numbers from the collection property.

But whatever I do (even restarting Visual Studio), it is not recognized in the markup:

The custom markup controls are recognized.

I can’t figure this out. Help!

So I’ve created a derived custom code control from the Validator built-in control.

In the markup it is not recognized:

I’ve registered it like this:

And it works:

:interrobang: why is it not recognized in the markup? Why…

It is now recognized after restarting my work station.
Is there something easier and quicker than this to make newly added code controls recognized in the markup?

Clean solution, deleting \bin and \obj folders, restarting Visual Studio 2022 and restarting DotVVM app did not resolve it.