Business Pack Gridview - Template editing mode

Hi There,

After advise on an alternative to singleline inline editing and inserting. I would instead like to use a template that can be formatted as i desire and could also include fields that are included in the datasource but is not a gridview column. It would work similar to the editForm mode here Edit Modes - ASP.NET MVC Extensions - Grid View Demo | DevExpress

I attempted this using the row detail binding but the rowdetail never showed even though the bind condition was met. Is there a bug here or am i missing something?

RowHasDetailBinding="{value: Id == _parent.editingId }"

 <bs:ComboBox  SelectedValue="{value: DiagnosisId}"
    Validator.Value="{value: DiagnosisId}"
    DataSource="{value: _root.DiagnosisList}"
    ItemTextBinding="{value: Text}"
    ItemValueBinding="{value: Value}"
    EmptyItemText="-- SELECT --" />

It would be great if i could expand the gridview to have a new InlineEditMode == ‘Template’ that uses the RowDetailTemplate for editing and inserting. Does this sound achievable? Any example of doing something similar that I could use for a starting point?

It looks like a bug in RowDetailTemplate. We’ll look at it.

Hi Tomas,

Any update on this? Anyway I can contribute to a fix? This functionality is really important to my project.

Many Thanks!

Hi Tim,
we’ve found and fixed the bug and it should be the part of the next release of Business Pack.
We just need a couple of days to cover it by tests and publish a new build of 4.2.

Hi Tomas,

Has the new build been released? I still have the issue using 4.2.0-Preview-07-final, it seems like that was released a fair while ago. Using the nuget Dotvvm feed to get the updated packages.

Hi Tim,
apologies for the delay. We’ve just published version 4.2.0-preview09-final which should include the fix. It should be showing up at the DotVVM feed now.
Can you please try it?

Thanks Tomas,

The row details now show correctly and I have been able to use it to display a more complex form. All working great now!