Bundling of DotVVM resources


I was wondering if DotVVM supports out-of-the-box to somehow bundle its internal(framwork) .css / .js files. If maybe there is a config I can make…

I don’t know if what is said here: https://www.dotvvm.com/docs/4.0/pages/concepts/script-and-style-resources/bundling-minification would help.

I think what you are looking is

.AddBusinessPack(new BusinessPackOptions {
     UseScriptChunks = false, ...

The BundlingResourceProcessor could be useful if you wanted to make your own bundle, and I don’t know how to reasonably do that in this case.

Edit: Note that I’d pay more attention to the total transfer size. Individual request are cheap with HTTP2, if they can be executed in parallel (which these definitely can). Whatever is downloaded then has to be parsed and interpreted, so it’s not just the network cost.

You seem to be using a large of the bundle, so it probably makes sense to disable the chunking, but if you are a different stranger who googled this question, please consider if using this option is right for you :slight_smile:

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Yes, it worked to reduce the total number of initial page load requests down to 31. Thank you!