BP.Export.Excel broken on Linux

DotVVM.BusinessPack.Export.Excel relies on package ClosedXML.Signed 0.95.4. This package is deprecated and relies on System.Drawing.Common which is not supported on non-Windows platform anymore. Exporting excel on linux now results in platform not supported exception.

My environment:
.NET 8
docker mcr.microsoft.com/dotnet/aspnet:8.0
dotvvm 4.2

I installed ClosedXML 0.97.0. This package replaces deprecated ClosedXML.Signed and in this specific version removes dependency on windows Drawing package (https://github.com/ClosedXML/ClosedXML/releases/tag/0.97.0). For my dockerized environment this was not sufficient, because I had to to overcome one more โ€œMissing fontโ€ problem. Solutions are described here: Missing font โ€” ClosedXML 0.102.0 documentation Exporting excel now works as expected for me.