4.3 preview - error and warnings in the Compilation Status page

Yesterday, we have released version 4.3.0-preview03-final with a couple of new smaller features. DotVVM 4.3 should be compatible with 4.2 versions of BP, bootstrap and contrib controls; if something doesn’t work, please let us know.

Compilation page with errors and warnings

We have improved the Compilation Status Page to include the warnings and errors from the view compilation. It used to only showed if the page was compiled successfully, and you had to navigate to the page to see the error - now you can easily see all the problems on one place.

If you didn’t know already, you can find the page at /_dotvvm/diagnostics/compilation. By default, it is only enabled in Development environment, but you can enable it in Production as well (see the docs)

<dialog> element - dot:ModalDialog

We have added a dot:ModalDialog control as a wrapped for the new HTML native <dialog> element. If you need a custom styled modal instead of the default dialogs in Boostrap/Business Pack, this might help you.

<dot:ModalDialog Open={value: ShowDialog}>

Note that the <dialog> element can be either shown as non-modal (“inline”) or modal (“popup over entire page”). dot:ModalDialog only supports the modal version. If you want the non-modal version, you don’t need any special control, just the use the element and bind the open attribute - <dialog open={value: ShowInlineDialog}>

Postback request compression

Web browsers do not automatically requests to the server, so we were sending the JSON uncompressed. This is quite wasteful and since JavaScript now has an API for compressing streams and blobs, we can easily compress the requests by default.

The compression is only enabled in Production environment, since browser devtools cannot display the compressed JSON. You can enable or disable this feature using the config.Runtime.CompressPostbacks flag.